Events for July 17th, 2005

1. There's a 22nd Annual Karfest in Peotone, Illinois serviced by W9AZ Radio and it will be on the Will County Fairgrounds.

2. There is the Wine Country Half Marathon from Napa to Sonoma in Californa.

3. In Kellogg, Minnesota there are horse races through the NBHA, times and prices as listed on web-site.

4. Alan and Kimmy are getting married. Who they are, I don't know.

5. There are two workshop through Boulderfest held on by Crayhon Research in Boulder Colorado:
- Forgiveness and Healing by Frederic Luskin, PhD
and Preventing Health Care Practitioner Burn-Out: Who Is the Healer and What is the Cure? by Dean Raffelock, DC, Dipl. Ac., CCN, DIBK.

6. The British Open Golf will have it's final day having opened on July 10th, it is held at St. Andrew's Golf Club.

More events to come in future entries.
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